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About us

Blankenship Farms Meat Processing is a family run business.  Established in 2012, Steve Blankenship's dream of opening a processing plant was fulfilled.  Steve, with his sons, Steven, Greg, and David own and run Blankenship Farms Meat Processing.  Steve was born and raised in middle Tennessee.  After meeting his bride at MTSU, Steve moved to East Tennessee.  Steve's father-in-law taught him the process of processing meat.


We custom process beef pork, lamb, sheep, goat and deer.  

We are USDA inspected, with an inspector onsite during slaughtering.  


We strive to provide quality meat in a clean and

humane process. Not only are our prices comparable

with grocery stores, but our products are packaged

using vaccum sealing to ensure freshness and will

last much longer.  


During deer season, Blankenship Farms Meat

Processing also partners with Hunters for the

Hungry, which provides food for those in need  

Hunters can donate a portion or all of their deer

to this program if they choose.



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